Teen Volunteers enjoying a card game at the 2017 Cottonwood Public Library Volunteer Appreciation Event.

The Big Bang

Young Volunteers and Interns Make a Huge Impact on Their Communities and Futures

“Nor did I know how librarians benefit the general population, or how librarianship offers endless opportunities to become involved and proactive. During my experience at ALA-APA, I learned more than enough to realize that librarianship is a noble and rewarding field that directly impacts the world.”  -Casey Schacher Library Worklife

Libraries are changing, evolving to meet the new needs of our modern community, with technology and services that are up to date and respond to the particular requirements of the city they’re in.  Young people are a vital, necessary part of that growth, bringing new skills and fresh ideas.

While teen volunteers and interns benefit the library by supporting library staff and projects, and filling gaps in staffing, they also bring novel approaches and up to the minute technological savvy.

Working at the library also rewards the students enormously.

Volunteerism and internship at the Cottonwood Library offers numerous benefits to teens and young adults.

Both volunteering and interning can have a big impact on college applications and are viewed favorably by colleges and universities, showing compassion, dedication, time management, and personality.

For young adults just entering the job market, volunteering in their early teens offers job experience, and will make getting a job easier than starting with an empty ‘previous job experience’ section on their application.

But there's another benefit beyond padding those applications, and gaining transferable skills; along the way young people may find they’re drawn to library work as a possible career choice, something they may not have considered before.

Internships and volunteering offer a chance for students to become connected with the profession, or to hone their “What do I want to be?” by exposure to various experiences as well opportunities to accomplish valuable work.

While interns often receive credit through their highschools, volunteers learn stepping-stones of skills that can take them to the next level.

Volunteering or interning with the library is a win-win situation for all of us.

If you or someone you know is interested in volunteering, please contact Cottonwood Public Library.

If you are interested in internships, which become available to seniors on a yearly basis, please see your school guidance counselor.

Come make a difference with us!