Audio/Visual Materials

The Library has a large selection of Blu-Rays, CD-Books, DVDs, Music CDs, and Playaways to check out. 

Bookmarks' Book Boutique

Used books, CDs, DVDs, CD-Books, National Geographic and Arizona Highways magazines may be purchased from the Bookmarks Friends of the Library group.


Our computers are available Monday - Friday from 9AM - 5:45PM and Saturdays from 9AM - 1:45PM and have 90 minute session lengths.

If you need a computer for job searches, resume building, or other job related reasons, we have 2 computer dedicated to job search that can be used for extended periods of time. Ask at the Reference Desk for a reservation!

Anyone without a library card is able to get a guest pass from the Reference Desk, free of charge, to be able to use the computers. Children under 18 years of age have access to computers and guest passes in the Youth Services Department.

All Library computers have access to the Microsoft Office suite of products (Word, Excel, etc.).

Fax Services

National fax services are available for $1.00 per page. We cannot receive incoming faxes.


Patrons are able to place holds on most materials in the YLN. These may be done online (through the browser catalog or the YLN Catalog app on smart devices), in person, or over the phone. There is a limit of 50 holds per card.

Internet Access

The Library is the gateway to the information highway. As technology develops, so will public access to worldwide informational resources. The library provides public access to the internet via our public access computers and free Wi-Fi access.

Large Print Books

The Library has a large selection of popular fiction and non-fiction books available in large print.

Library Cards

Cards are free to all residents of Yavapai County. All you need is a picture ID and proof of your current address!

We also have cards available to non-residents that are visiting the area with proof of valid ID. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are not currently charging a deposit for these cards. Non-resident cards are able to check out a maximum of 5 items.

Loan Periods

Rental books can be checked out for $1/week, with all proceeds going to the Cottonwood Bookmarks, Friends of the Library group to help support the library.

All other materials can be checked out for 3 weeks and are able to be renewed up to 3 times as long as there are no holds on them.

Effective July 1, 2021, the Cottonwood Public Library will not collect overdue fines for library materials. Some Yavapai County Network libraries have different loan periods and fine assessments. The fee schedule and due dates of the lending library supersede those of the Cottonwood Public Library.


We have many magazine titles covering a variety of topics. We also receive the local newspapers, the Arizona Republic, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and the USA Today. All newspapers and magazines are for in-house use only and cannot be checked out.

Meeting Rooms

The Library offers two (2) meeting rooms for use by non-profit groups. It is available during our normal business hours Monday-Saturday. To book a meeting room, read through the Meeting Room Policy and fill out the Meeting Room Agreement Form on the Library Policies page, and call the Library Assistant at (928) 340-2781.

Notary Services

Free notary services are available by appointment.


We have two copiers available in the Library. One is a self-serve machine that cannot print double sided and is located right next to the Audio/Visual desk. The other is behind the main Circulation Desk in the front of the library, and you need to ask volunteers or staff for help.

All copies are priced as follows:

Black and white, single sided $0.10/page  
Color, single sided $0.25/page  
Black and white, double sided $0.15/page  
Color, double sided $0.40/page  



We offer single sided printing options both from our public access computers and from your personal laptop!

Prices for printing are as follows:

Black and White - $0.10

Color - $0.25

Purchase Requests

If you would like to request that the Library purchase new materials, requests can be made by filling out this form, sending an email to the Library Manager (, calling into the Library (928-634-7559), or by submitting a "Comment/Request Form" while in the library.

You must have a Yavapai Library Network library card to utilize the online submission form. If you are unable to use this method, please call us at 928-634-7559.

Reference Services

Reference service is available at the Reference Desk or by telephone. Encyclopedias, dictionaries, phone-books, building codes and investment information are all available.

Rental Books

Rental books are offered by our Friends of the Library group, Cottonwood Bookmarks, as a way to get popular, new releases quicker than by putting them on hold. 

Southwest Collection

The library has a special collection of books on Arizona and the Southwest including materials on the Verde Valley, Jerome, Sedona and the surrounding area.

Spanish Collection

The library has a variety of materials (both fiction and non-fiction) in Spanish for all ages available for checkout.

Study Rooms

Study Rooms are available on a first come-first served basis and have a maximum capacity of 2 people.  The rooms are furnished with 2 chairs and 1 small table and are available on any day the library is open.   To sign up for a room just stop by the Reference Desk. Time in the study rooms is limited to 3 hours per person while there is a waiting list.

Talking Books

For persons who are visually impaired, the State Library provides tapes and machines by direct mail at no charge. Applications for this service are available at the library.

Tax Forms and Info

Reproducible Arizona and Federal tax forms are available in the library. All Federal forms, with the exception of the Schedules, are free. All State forms are $0.10/page.

To get forms online, visit these websites:
Federal Tax Forms and Info
Arizona State Tax Forms and Info

Topographical Maps

We have topographical maps of Arizona, for in-house use only.

Volunteer Opportunities

Shelving, checking books in and out, covering/mending books and reading shelves, are some of the opportunities available to volunteers.

Adults can apply to volunteer by either filling out this form (click here) or by calling our Volunteer Coordinator, Liz Gooslin, at (928) 340-2781.

Teens ages 11 to 18 can apply to volunteer by either filling out this form (click here) or by calling the Youth Services Coordinator, Joyce Read, at (928) 340-2788.

Youth Services

As well as a large selection of books and audio/visual materials, the Library's Youth Services Department offers a wide variety of programming for kids and teens of all ages, as well as computers and tablets for children and teens to use. Call for more information on Children's and Teen programming.

Children's Circulation Desk - (928) 340-2788

Teen Circulation Desk - (928) 340-2787