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You are viewing the "Volunteer Appreciation Banquet 2010" album.

Agnes receives her 15 year certificate!

Barbara receives her 1 year certificate.


Barbara receives her 5 year certificate!

Barbara W.

Barbara wins a door prize!




Dede receives her 30 years of service certificate!

Dr. J

Dr. J

Everyone is enjoying themselves.

Vanessa awards Gail the volunteer of the year award!


Gail P.



Hello there Hal!

Dr. Fleishman and Vanessa

Joan wins a doorprize!


John O'Neill, Library Director

Judy S. receives her 5 year certificate!

Judy P. receives her 15 year certificate!

Judy S.

Kent receives his 1 year certificate!

Leah and Betty B.

Madeline receives her 5 year certificate!

Madeline, Marilyn and Pat

Margo M.

Margo receives her 1 year certificate!

Mary E.

Mary G. and her "Spring hat"

Mary M.

Mary M. receives her 1 year certificate!



Merlyn receives her 1 year certificate!

Mmmm, deserts. All of the drinks and deserts were provided by the Library Board. Thank you!

Nick receives his 5 year certificate!

Great food by Jerona Cafe and great friends!

Pat N.

Pat, Susan and Kendall



Ruth K.


All set up and ready to go!

Spring hat with spring flowers



Thank you to all who donated!

The buffet by Jerona was wonderful!

Thelma and Joan

Theresa L.

Teresa and John

Therese D.


Wonderful door prizes!