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Allendale, Angel Absolute Awakening (Absolute Series #1) 

Anderson, Sandy Ever Green

Anderson, Sandy Last Hound

Beach, Dee Born to Live in Sedona: Dream, Visions, Destiny

Bonilla, Marisa Queen Who Loved to Take Naps

Boop, David Straight Outta Tombstone; She Murdered Me With Science

Bove, Mike Willowtree; A Bruce DelReno Mystery, Stinger Maguire: A Bruce DelReno Mystery and Stinger Maguire
Bradley, Shirley Aldrich High Adventures of Stephen E. Aldrich
Brandon, Sy A Composer's Guide to Understanding Music
Breeze, T.L. Spook
Browne, Robert L. Tune of the Hickory Stick
Bruchman, Cynthia The Knife with the Ivory Handle 
Babcock, Bryce The Peripatatic Perambulations of a Fiddlefoot

Bollen, Christine A Wonderful Hope; Flying with the Geese; An Angel in my Garden; A Garden Lake Mystery; Frogs by the Dozen
Case, Susan That's a dead one alright
Chanda, Val Zorn and Grayall: Encounter the Elements of Murder

Chanda, Val Zorn and Grayall: Defy Murder by Magic

Christopherson, Rodger After the President Disappeared, Beyond Science and Religion: The Great Reality, Origins & Meaning: How Science and Religion Have Failed Humanity, Three Weeks Until Tomorrow
Clayton, Cindi (former children's librarian at Camp Verde) The Being & Becoming Book
Cleveland, Claudette Beneath and beyond the hidden city
Cooper, Milton Behold a Pale Horse
Corey, Richard Estrada The Doberman Family
Crosman, Anne Snowden Young at Heart: aging gracefully with attitude
Young at heart
Dauth, Ken Beyond the Battlefield: a Message from the Fallen
DeMayo, Robert Louis Cave Where the Water Always Drips; Making of Theodore Roosevelt; Pledge to the Wind: the Legend of Everett Ruess; Random Thoughts from the Road; Road to Sedona; Wayward Traveller: a Gripping Real-Life Travel Adventure

DiGiovanni, Sebastian Survive Your Tour in Peace & War

Dixon, Dean (Cottonwood) Only the lucky can
Edgley, George H. The Redeeming Destiny; Above and Beyond; The Remnant; North to Valdez; Lest we Forget; The Twilight of Our Times
Ely, Karen Daring to Dream: The Year I Found Myself, A Retreat of My Own: Personal Retreat Guide, Breathing Spaces: mini-retreats for the heart and soul
Espolt, Guss R. (Clarkdale) Koi Boy, Escape from Parejo

Evans, Joan; Rees, Ann; and Rees, Elizabeth Gone but not forgotten : a glimpse into the lives of those laid to rest in the Jerome cemeteries: Jerome Hogback and Jerome Lower Valley Old Pioneer

Every, Roger B. The Ancient Ones: the Last of the Sinagua at Tuzigoot; Hogback Cemetery, Jerome, Arizona; and Showman for 55 Years, 1957-2012: and Still Going
Franklin, Barclay The Chording of T.O. Malone, The Bride Price, The Ark Ranch and Roundup

Freund, Douglas Pounding out the Profits: a Century of American Invention, A Blacksmith & Hammerman's Emporium: A Collection of Rare Trade Literature from Ten Prominent Manufacturers of Blacksmiths' Tools
Fulton Keeber, Beatrice Warm Memories of Cold Spring
Gabrielson, Ernest, editor of Echoes of Easy, author of Home in Ithaca: a novel of ancient Greece and Troy
Gage, Joy Pennock, The Patriot and the Plough, Life Goes Better with Wisdom: 30 Devotions from Proverbs for the Christian Family or Homeschool
Galla, Eli Spirited Clearings: Negative Program Removal
Galluzzi, Louis D. Buying Solar

Gamson, Leland P. If your dog were a human

Gamson, Leland P. Samson at the Olympics

Gamson, Leland P. Lokael :the donkey who carried Jesus

Garner, David Men Are Clueless
Haramis, Sonya (Sedona) Circle of Olympians
Hayden, Edmund Maelstrom

Hahn, Barbara (Verde Valley) A Race for Glory Run
Hammes, Tim The Morala Ruse

Hammes, Tim The Shamir

Harrington Carlson, Mimi, Beyond Never: The Making of an Adventurer
Havermale, Richard Coffee with Christ; Rosary Hike: and other Sedona, Arizona Spiritual Hikes
Hoaglund, Maria Dancing Heart The Most Important Day of Your Life: Are You Ready and The Last Adventure of Life: Sacred Resources for Living and Dying from a Hospice Counselor
Howard, Tyffany Tap That! 

Isaacson, Shirley. Rainbow Finds Love

Jardine, W.L Beyond Bedrock
Jenkins, John W. Catching A Dream: A Sacred Bicycle Journey Across America
Gore, Willma Wills Just Pencil Me In: Your guide to Moving & Getting Settled After 60, Something's Leaking Upstairs and Independence Day
Kanowsky, David (Cottonwood) Things that Happen: some of My Life and Maybe some of Yours and The next time I'm young
Kerchill, Randall Harry and the hang glider
Kilpatrick, Joan  The Secret of the White Monkey's Tomb

King, Kaih Khriste Magnificent Woman: Who are You? 

Kirby, Ruth (Cottonwood) Claudius Saves the Pumpkin Patch and The Trouble with Albert
Langley, Virgil Immune system: In search Of a court of Law

Larson, Cho Treasures of the Kingdom:  Christ Revealed in Gifts to His People
Larson, Sunday. Secret of the Missing Crown: a Sedona Fable for the Cosmopolitan
Larkley, Ruth Ann Your faith affects your family: a bible study for women
Lloyd, Laina  Do Butterflies Dream? 
Lynne, Rustyna (Cottonwood) Pepper and salt

Malter, Rick Shrinking the Judge: Freeing theInner Child
Mann, Bill Paula Goes to the Pound
Martin, Peter My life
McDaniel, Douglas Godz, Cars & Cannon
McIntosh, Billie Jane (Cottonwood) From Georgia Tragedy to Oklahoma Frontier
McKinnon, Margie Repair your life: a program for recovery from incest & childhood sexual abuse and Repair for kids: a children's program for recovery from incest and childhood Somethings leaking upstairssexual abuse
McKinzie, Allen C. Maggie Wilson's Wacky Worlds, Relentless Pursuit, Ransom ot the Highest Order, Maggie Wilson's Wacky Worlds II, Maggie Wilson's Wacky Worlds III, Gracie, Kenady's Happiness World Books 1 through 3 
Metlay, Ann K. It Happened in the Cottonwood Public Library Parking Lot
Molinari, Glenn Two Choices: Divine Love or Anything Else
Morningstorm, J. Boyd The American Indian Warrior Today
Ms. Arlene Masters and the Blues Transit Tears Gone By
Moffitt, Sara The cottage: new beginnings, The cottage: preparations being made, Merlina and the frog: meet Chatly and Noble

Skousen, Betty Ledbetter Edward Northcraft: A Revolutionary War Story

Oliphant, Robert E. Wake Up Verde Valley: You've Just Been Ripped Off

Olson, Della May Terror On Loco Ridge, Lena's Rainbow and Crab Apple Pie

Oman, Diana My Heart Smiles

Parrish, Wayne Legend of the Blue Owl and Legend of the Eagleman

Poteet, George A Mingus Affair and A Jerome Affair 


Price, Ellis Hiking in Northern Arizona 2015/2

Price, Ellis F. Little Work & Some Luck;  At Sea & Ashore During Vietnam; Year Eighty; Hiking in and around Verde Valley; Hiking in Northern Arizona 2012/2013

Puetz, Tom Secret Choices a Novel

Ranch, Paul Forsaken Earth: The Ongoing Mass Extinction 

Reger, Rita M. Rosa's Recipes, and more

Reger, Rita M. A Duck in the Caboose

Reger, Rita M. A Duck in the desert 

Reger, Rita M. Pepe Quacks the case of the wailing miner 

Rhodes, Danny (Cottonwood) Cairo to Cottonwood

The chording of T.O. Malone
Rifon, Carol The Art of the Elegant Buffet
Roberts, Alice V. The Hilltop Inn
Sailors, Derek A Copper Town Summer
Samaha, Allan The Dynomighty philosophies
Satyana, Sophia My Perfect Husband's Life: A Story of Love, Sexual Addiction and Betrayal
Scott, J.K Tracking Terra

Sellers, Lyn Once Again I Fear, A Little Fire, When I Hear the Mockingbird Sing
Shirley, Ann Extension 1788, Trickles of Truth and Shadow Threat

Short, Robert Out of the Stars: A Message from Extraterrestrial Intelligence; 

Silverman, Amy My Heart Can't Believe it: A story of science, love, and Down Syndrome 
Skelton, Terry Tschann Murder on Bill Gray Road and Murder on the Dirt Road to Cherry 
Skousen, Betty Twinkle the Bright-eyed Puppy

Sovereign, Ina Gesell The Potter and the Clay: Surviving Life's Hardest Blows with Faith and a Smile

Stephenson, Alice S. Three Scuffed Suitcases :Biography from the diaries Of Mary Elizabeth "Bess" Shellabarger Colorado World War I Nurse 

Stone, Joan Carol & Stone Cliffe w/CJS Everything you always wanted to know about songwriting: but didn't know who to ask, You gotta be bad before you can be good
Taylor, Steven Lane Further Down the Stream: 101 More Tips for Living Life in the Divine Flow
Taylor, Tony The Darkest Side of Saturn: Odyssey of a Reluctant Prophet of Doom
Thomas, Ariann Healing Family Patterns: Ancestral Lineage Clearing for Personal Growth
Turner, Mary L. & Cal A. (photographer) The Beautiful People of Palm Springs, The Untouchable's Wife
Vance, Benjamin The Codex Komatke
Van Leeuwen, Jo The Birds of Jerome
Vaughn, Steven A. Odd angel Out
Warren, George R.  First Cause: the Beginning of Wisdom, To Give the Devil His Due
Winstead, Mitt Evil in the Mirror: A murder mystery set in 1968 Tucson, Sedona and a smidgeon of California, Day Stalker, The Phoenix Code
Wise, Joe. The Truth in Twenty...and Then Some : Entries from My Journal, Through a Glass Lightly
Claudius saves the pumpkin patch           Legend of the eagleman           Home in Ithaca           Legend of the blue owl                 Koi boy